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What is BE Adventure Partners?

Hi! We're Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick! We are entrepreneurs from Texas, and Ontario who believe that everyone should BE able to build a business online.

Brian was a firefighter for nearly 9 years & Erin was a hairstylist for 11 years when we both decided that we wanted to contribute to the greater good of mankind by showing you how to create a life you never need a vacation from!

This is where the idea for BE Adventure Partners came from! We wanted to Live An Extraordinary Life, traveling, and creating a fun, empowering, and inspirational business online.

By doing this, we are now able to travel non-stop, go on adventures, and connect with people around the globe while making a positive impact in your life!

Now's your time to Live An Extraordinary Life! We are proof that normal people from the blue-collar, working background can create a dream life!

Ready to begin your journey? We believe in you! Reach out to us with your story! We would love to feature you on our site and Facebook page!

Love Deeper - Travel Broader - Live An Extraordinary Life